Last month more than fifty people gathered for Idea City co-hosted by ACOR and Rockland Center for the Arts to discuss the future of the arts in Rockland County.  All of the ideas expressed were on point. Some of  them the Arts Council will be able to fulfill within a month or two,  such as a revived calendar of events and the artist directory. Addressing others – like “Why do Rockland artists get less money for their work?” – will be more challenging.

What is clear from that meeting and our survey is that the Arts Council of Rockland has

a mandate to provide the support that makes for collaboration.


It is clear we are needed to be the glue to hold people together, share information about who is doing what, and provide opportunities to engage.

You are a part of this community and our work engages you directly. For 45 years ACOR has served the arts through grants and events. Today, we have a reinvigorated sense of mission. This is your Arts Council – whether you are a painter, a singer, a writer, an usher or a student, ACOR is here to help you to be better at it. Only together can we meet our goals.

Become a  member today.

Your membership will get you access to our events and services and discounts on shows. Most importantly, it makes you a part of the broader Rockland arts community that allows ACOR to do the work so vital to keeping our community vibrant and thriving.


I hope to see you at one of our upcoming events.



Kate Mitchell

Executive Director



Take the survey here to help start the dialogue, then join us November 14 to set the agenda for arts in Rockland.



The recent Idea City meeting hosted by the Arts Council of Rockland at the lovely Nyack Boat Club was a vibrant evening that gathered over 70 artists in all disciplines, business supporters and community members who love the arts to share their ideas about expanding the presence of the arts in everyday life in Rockland County.

See what they came up with.



Artists of all disciplines (Visual, Writers, Musicians, Filmmakers, Performing Artists) are invited to apply for grants from the Arts Council of Rockland! Learn all about them at the grants information meetings.

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